At Total books we are bookkeepers accountants and tax specialists for entrepreneurs, contractors, freelancers and  small to medium-sized businesses.  Whether you are a new startup, existing or growing business our useful business guides will give you a peace of mind that our world of numbers does make sense.

The world of accountancy has changed dramatically over the recent years. Cloud accounting, mobile accounting apps and ever-changing HMRC guidelines to meet rapidly shifting economic trends have revolutionized the industry.  Being a young and dynamic team of professionals, we have taken away the image of a dry, robotic and an emotionless person working out debits and credits in a thick bookkeeping ledger.

Here we have compiled useful resources of news and facts to help you cut through accounting jargon and have an insight into our world. We can’t promise to make you an accountant, yet our aim is to put things in perspective for you by simplifying HMRC guidelines and current accounting principles.

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